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Serenity Farm, is.a beautiful privately owned farm, perfect for teachers and students in the Triangle yoga and wellness community.  We host our own classes and events, and we help you to host yours.


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Events, Workshops, Retreats

July, 2021

Yin + Violin Strawberry Moon

New Moon Goal Re-Set & Vision Board Workshop

July is the new January.  Time to look at our New Year goals and reassess, reaffirm and release. 


Did you have big plans for 2021?

Did you set goals so you can have the life you imagined?


It’s JULY 1st, with 6 months left this year... are you on track?

Are you still inspired by your goals?

Do they feel like a chore? (HINT: They shouldn't)

Are you still feeling stuck in life even with goals?


Ask yourself...

If this (goal) is something I really want, why is it so hard to stay motivated?

Statistics show most of us “forget” about our goals by July 1st,

We think... it’s too late and we will try again in January...

WHY WAIT? When you can still achieve your goals and have the life you really wanted to create this year?

Join us. Let's make a plan that will work!

New Moon Goal Re-Set & Vision Board Workshop



Which goals to keep?

Which goals to tweak?

Which ones to let go of?

How to use a vision board to keep yourself motivated

You’ll receive a goals assessment workbook and all the materials for your vision board.

🥂Snacks and refreshments will be served...


Date:  Sunday July 11th

Time:  2p - 5p

yoga class students receiving an assist in white studio

Weekend Reset & CBD Yin/Restorative With Assists

Start with Saturday Morning Weekend Reset and stay for CBD  Yin/Restorative with Assists.


Weekend Reset is an all-level Hatha Class Postures strength, flexibility, and balance.


CBD Yin/Restorative guided through 5-6 poses, we utilize various props, blankets, aromatherapy, guided meditation, breathing exercises, subtle hands-on adjustments, and gentle massage techniques to bring the body into a state of relaxation.  CBD is optional.


Two teachers will be performing assists.



You bring your mat, blocks, yoga straps, and something to cover your eyes during savasana.


Date:  June 17th

Time: 9:30a - 10:45a

Time:  11a - 12:15p

Teachers:  Sharon MacGregor & Allison Willet


Yoga For Athletes:  5-week series

Yoga & Brunch @ The Farm

Enjoy outdoor yoga  and a picnic style brunch on our 10-acre farm..

Monthly event.

Outdoor Yoga Class, Oracle Cards, Intention Setting
🔥 Letting Go Fire Ceremony
🧺 Brunch on picnic blankets
🥂 Mimosas and mocktails (complimentary)

You bring your mat, blocks, yoga straps, and something to cover your eyes during savasana.


Date:  July 18th

Time: 11a - 1:30p

Full Moon Experience

Full Moon Experience & Bonfire with NC Moon Meditation

Movement: 45-Minute slow flow led by Kai designed to strengthen, stretch, breathe, and release. Move smaller  circles of love & light for a moment to feel peace, support, and compassion.


Meditate: Journaling exercise for softening and clarity.  During the meditation, we will embrace the moonlight, evoke the sensations of forgiveness & gratitude, and connect with the universe. 


Manifest & Release:
The full moon experience concludes with a bonfire under the night sky. You will write down your wishes, what you want to let go of, what you want to manifest, or whatever else you feel called to express. Then you will throw it into the fire and release it to the universe. 


Date:  July 24th

Time: 7p - 10p


Click the "Register Now" button to be taken to NC Moon Meditation's website for details and sign-up. 

August, 2021

Chakra Cleanse Series

Puppy & Yoga Pop-Up! Supporting Pawfect Match

Hosted by Eternal Moon Yoga


Come practice and play - start off with a one hour yoga class led by Christine from Eternal Moon Yoga, followed by icedtea and time to play with and think about fostering puppies from Pawfect Match.


We will practice yoga outside in the shade. Please bring your own mat, towel, water, sunscreen and bug spray. Then, we will move to a different part of the farm where you will be able to play with puppies, ask Pawfect Match about their adoption and fostering, and drink iced tea!

Tickets are $25


Saturday August 21st

Time: 10:30a  - 12:30p


Click the "Register Now" button to be taken to Eventbrite for details and sign-up. 

Chakra Cleanse Series

7-Week Chakra Cleanse

NC Moon Meditation


Chakra  is the sanskrit work meaning “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being.


Each of these seven main chakras has a corresponding number, name, color, specific area of the spine from the sacrum to the crown of the head, and health focus. We will cover one each week.


This is for you if you want to understand your Chakra's recognize when they are out of balance, and learn how to bring them back into balance.



Sept 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

Oct7th, 14th


Time: 7p - 8:30p


Click the "Register Now" button to be taken to NC Moon Meditation's website for details and sign-up. 

On-going Events

Camp or Glamp at Serenity Farm


When the sun goes down at Serenity Farm, and new kind of magic happens - the stars light up the sky.  You can even see the constellations.


With only 3 camp sites - you are guranteed privacy.  
This is not a rough-it experience, though.  The string lights zig-zag across the fields.  You alos have access to the fire pit, gas grill, and elegant, well appointed bathrooms and changing rooms. 


The rooster will wake you at dawn.  If you want a gourmet breakfast - we have that as well.


Booking is done through Hipcamp


photo credit raycool_studio

Host your weekly class at Serenity Farm.

At Serenity Farm we believe that yoga instructors could make a living doing what they love!


You became a yoga instructor because you wanted to share the peace you found in your own practice.  You want people to accept themselves, and nurture their bodies and their mind.  It is your passion.


At Serenity Farm you can do just that, and be your own boss.  Teach exactly the way you want to.  Set your own rules.  Make money doing what you love. 


We are a full-service, turn-key studio created to give yoga instructors a place to teach - exactly the way they want to without the massive overhead.


We are looking for yoga instructors to lead their indoor and outdoor classes.  Contact us for details.

photo credit raycool_studio

Host your Yoga or Wellness Workshop or Retreat at Serenity Farm


At Serenity Farm, we make it easy for you to host your yoga retreat in a natural, elegant location without rescheduling your whole life, and dealing with complicated travel and logistical headaches. We have everything you need, because we were created especially for yoga and wellness events.


We are a full-service, turn-key studio created to give yoga instructors a place to teach - exactly the way they want to without the massive overhead.


We are looking for yoga and wellness instructors to lead their worshops and retreats. We make it easy for you and your guests.


Contact us to get on the Event Calendar

photo credit Erik Brolin


Book Your Private yOga+Brunch

Celebrate special moments and connect with special people, even with social-distancing. Create a memorable, elegant, one-of-a-kind experience.  A yoga class and brunch, fully immersed in natural surroundings.


Our studio includes a lounge, private changing rooms, as well as alfresco dining on the terrace, or somewhere on our 5-acres of open meadow.

Now accepting bookings - parties of 4-10

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